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France is the second most attractive country to study in.

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Noted as much for its rich culture as for its illustrious scientific achievements, France is unsurprisingly one of the top education destinations for international students. In fact, in 2007, France welcomed 2,65,000 international students that constituted 14% of its student population.

France is a popular destination for Indian students who want to study abroad. In the year 2019, France welcomed over 10 thousands of Indian students who wanted to pursue their higher education. France is a great place for Indian students to study. French Government gives subsidies that makes studies more affordable. Scholarships attracts Indian Students the most. Studying in France allows Indian students to witness a different culture and society, allowing them to become the best version of themselves from within. At Europe Gateway, we gives you access to top-grade academics of France.

Interesting Facts about France

France has greatly influenced the western world for hundreds of years and its culture still plays an important role today. More than 260 million people on five continents speak French. It is the official language of 70 nations and the second most commonly studied foreign language, after English.

France delivers inexpensive quality education to students all over the world, being the fourth most popular destination for international students.

Smaller class sizes and involved instructors offer students the time and attention they need to learn, ask questions and receive assistance.

Higher education in France is divided between grandes ├ęcoles and public universities. Admission to grandes ├ęcoles requires a high school diploma + 2 years of additional high school studies. Master programme specializations offered in the second year of study are either research-oriented or professionally oriented. Often, graduate programmes are offered in cooperation with several institutions, allowing for a larger variety of courses.

Employment oriented Professional Licenses are also available. Continuing education programmes take into account professional experience.

Visa, Language, Work

Students from some countries do not require a visa if they plan to study in France for a period shorter than 90 days.

You need to apply for a long-stay visa if you plan on studying in France for more than 90 days. You must apply to a French embassy or other consular authority in your country.

You must have a passport that is valid for a period of three months past the expiration date of your studies.

Higher Education System in France

French degrees are granted by a comprehensive network of higher education institutions and world-famous research centers. This network comprises 88 universities, some 500 "Grandes ecoles" - uniquely French institutions that cover more than 240 engineering schools and 220 schools of business and management - 59 public schools of Arts, as well as many specialized schools for specific sectors such as fashion, social work, paramedical disciplines, tourism and sports.

The French degrees awarded are based on the European system of Bachelor, Master, and PhD, expressed in credits as defined by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

France's 88 public universities cover the entire range of academic disciplines, from the sciences to technology to literature, languages, arts, social sciences, law, economics, management etc. Tuition fees (in fact only registration fees in most institutions) are among the lowest in the world and are kept affordable as public institutions enjoy the financial support of the State. However, the quality of the degree programs is not compromised by low tuition fees; throughout, high international standards are maintained at all levels. In addition, French and foreign students have equal access to student benefits and face similar admission requirements.

Many study programs are available in English (Masters and PhDs). Please contact us to get the complete and updated information.

Private schools of art and those affiliated with chambers of commerce and industry (the latter are known as ecoles consulaires) confer certificates or professional titles. Those that have earned accreditation are listed in the Repertoire National de Certification Professionnelle (national registry of occupational certification, www.cncp.gouv.fr) and classified according to the level of employment for which they prepare their students. All such institutions admit students selectively by exam or interview.

More than 3,000 schools and institutes, public and private, are categorized as "specialized schools." They offer degree programs in very specific areas-among them social work, paramedical fields,tourism, culinary arts, and hotel management, among others.These institutions offer government-accredited degrees as well as other credentials specific to the institution that confers them. Programs demand from 2 to 5 years of study. Admission is by examination or on the basis of the applicant's academic record.

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Admission Process & Eligibility

Depending on your country of origin you might have to follow all or part of the steps below in order to apply to a French university:

  • Complete the university application. You may need to include photo identification.
  • Provide proof of a high school diploma.
  • Some colleges will require a written essay regarding your interest in the study.
  • Provide proof of English language proficiency.
  • You should also mention if you are planning on receiving financial aid from the collage.
  • Each individual college may have additional specific admission criteria.
  • A copy of their passport as well as a photograph of passport size
  • Proof that you have a long-term study Visa.
  • A copy of your birth certificate is needed when you apply to a French university, as well as a certified translation showing the birthplace of both of your parents.
  • Proof of sufficient funds in order to cover your expenses while attending college.

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